Terrace Cinnamon View

Infinity pool

Infinity pool

The infinity pool of Terrace Cinnamon View is one of the topmost infinity pools in its category in the country. The swimming pool is 30ft in length and 13 ft in width and 3 to 4 ft deep. The pool is opened to the stunning view of the lush greenery Pelmadulla Valley and the picturesque Kirbathgala mountain range. Similar to enjoying the breathtaking view from the rooms, the same view can be enjoyed from the pool end as well. Spring up of the mist from the valley and forming misty clouds and wrapping up the Mountain range (The cloud show) and precipitation of various rain patterns over the mountain range could be observed from the pool while enjoying rattling sound of the squirrels, chirping sounds of birds and the deep noises of Peacocks.

The cloud show which demarcates remarkable memory to your stay in the hotel can be enjoy from 6.00 am to 10.00 am in the morning, yet depend on whether conditions prevailing. The sun set over the Kiribathgala mountain is a must you need to watch, a rear phenomenon, when the red clouds gather over the mountain range and transform over the time to generate flamboyant cloud designs until the sunset is completed. Moving rain patterns also joyful to watch while enjoying the pool, as most of the time, the weather is distinctive to the mountain area and the pool. While you enjoy shiny weather in the pool area simultaneously you can enjoy moving rain patterns in the mountainous range which is an unique feature to the TCV.

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