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Excursion Tours

The hotel is famous for excursion tours due to its unique location and distinctive geographical features in the neighborhood. During your stay in the hotel, you can entertain excursions such as,

1. Exploring water falls,

2. Hill climbing

3. Forest observations

1. Exploring water falls

Kirindiella, the 7th tallest water fall in the country, is a popular destination for those who want to explore the natural beauty of Sri Lanka, with many opportunities for hiking, trekking, and wildlife watching in the surrounding areas. The waterfall, which is a beautiful cascading waterfall of 116 m height, is located about 4 km from the Pelmadulla town and only 2km away from the hotel location.

We have 3 planned tours for waterfall observers which expands for 2 to 3 hours tours to full day tour. Generally all tours are fine in normal whether conditions but not suitable during heavy rains or in rainy days as water level of the stream may rise up abruptly. We always advise guests to get the help of the guide provided by the hotel, as they are from the village and know the behavior of the environment/ water stream very well.

a) Kirindiella water fall down stream tour

This tour has been designed to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding of the stream, mostly consist of thick forests and some foot paths underneath, and the difficult terrain, including rock surfaces, to climb. Trekkers are encouraged to leave the hotel early morning and walk along the road to Kuttapitiya direction for 2 Km until they reach the steps to the waterfalls observation deck which is managed by the local authorities. After reaching the point, trekkers can climb down to the deck which is in a mid-elevation of the mountain, to observe the breathtaking view of the water fall and to get the opportunity to take photographs with the fall in the background.

From the Platform, more climbing down will bring you to the bottom of the waterfall where there is a pool of water which is called Diyagathwala. While climbing down you will reach two points which need to pay more attention due to slippery rock surfaces without supports. After you reach the bottom of the waterfall you will get the opportunity to walk along the water stream entertaining various rock surfaces formed, flora and fauna in the both side of the stream, various unidentified tree verities, various animals living in the area and fish verities. Generally, the walking path is convenient and only in few locations you need assistance to cross from one rock to the other.

In the overall trekking various types of rock carvings, those were formed due to flowing of water for thousand years, can be encountered. Specially the shape of rock carvings formed by flowing water looks like almost as manmade circular carvings which is unimaginable.

After about one km walk along the water path, once you reached the point where the hotel guests use to bath, you may turn to the right and return to the hotel or can continue further down until the destination which consist of much difficult terrain.

The terrain after the turning point is challenging yet the most attractive area of the journey where you will find 4 cascade type falls with rock carvings which are not reached by human beings mostly. In some instances, you need to swim or use the footpath in the jungle to cross some points but not dangerous for the trekkers. After passing about one km from the turning point you will reach the downstream anicut which divert water to paddy fields in the Pelmadulla area. From there you need to walk along the lined canal towards the Udathula Village where you can reach the vehicle to return to the hotel. On your return journey you can observe many Gem pits as well in the surrounding area. The duration for the journey varies from 2 to 4 hrs.

b) Kirindiella water fall upstream tour

Upstream of Kirindiella is accessible through the footpaths located at the Kuttapitiya tea factory. Here you can reach the point where the first drop of the water fall occurs which is 116m in height. The infinity view of the upstream of the waterfall is a remarkable phenomenon as you can observe entire Pelmadulla valley from the location. When you further walk to the upstream along the water path you may entertain various flora and fauna rich in the area, various animals, rich plantations and huge trees located along the both sides of the stream. After reaching the location which is called as xxxxx it is the end of the tour and you may take the rural road to travel back to the hotel by walking which is about 4.0 km in length.

c) Kirindiella water fall full tour

The full tour includes the combination of the aforementioned two tours, upstream and down stream tours, which is started from the hotel, walk to the upstream passing Kuttapitiya tea factory , and up to the xxxxxx village, then tracking down along the water path to the point where the first drop occurs and come to the main road again. Then from there you can follow the footsteps to the bottom of the water fall passing the deck and walk down as mentioned in the downstream trekking. The full tour would take 5 to 6 hrs and hotel can arrange to provide meals on your way in an intermediate point.

2. Hill Climbing

Kiribathgala mountain is famous among trekkers for hill climbing and camping. Though the path is bit difficult, the tour is remarkable and add unforgettable memories to your journey. The mountain can climb from 3 directions such that Nivithigala, Pathakada and Handurukanda. Trekkers mostly use the Pathkada path for the trekking and use Pulunella as the navigation route to the tip of the rock.

With a staggering height of approximately 950 meters, Kiribathgala mountain offers a myriad of phenomenal views of the vast countryside. It is a renowned hiking destination in Ratnapura, adorned with flora, fauna, and a sense of adventure. The strenuous hike can be challenging, but the unique experience and spectacular landscape awaiting you at the

peak is worth the hike. Ensure that comfortable footwear is worn and leech protection methods are followed.

3. Forest observation

The hotel premises spread over a 5hectares land and out of that 1.5 Hectares consist of a thick forest, which is adorned with water stream flow across the land and many verities of flora and fauna. The forest area consist of high biodiversity and home to wide range of plant and animal species, which have adapted to the unique conditions of the forest Eco system. Highly grown trees provided shade to the entire area creating a cool ,tranquil environment within the reserve.

The forest area consists of distinctive geographical features such that flat terrain, rolling terrain, swamp and mountainous areas and can climbed down up to a water fountain in the far end.

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