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Kiribathgala is a mountain range situated in Pelmdulla in the Ratnapura district. This mountain range is clearly visible from the Colombo – Badulla Main Road at Pelmadulla. Kiribathgala stands at an elevation of approximately 950 m. It is also a popular camping spot of the area. The peak of the mountain extends from 2-3 km. The hike is through a dry forest patch.

Kiribathgala mountain offers a myriad of phenomenal views of the vast countryside including the Kuttapitiya mountain range. It is a renowned hiking destination in Ratnapura, adorned with flora, fauna, and a sense of adventure.

The Hikers can track the mountain through Lihiniyan kelina Ella, but the rocks are slippery when you reach the top of the mountain along the river. In some places you may not be able to continue along the river but you can hike through the jungle. On the way back, trekkers need to be very careful as you will encounter large slopes at once. At the top of the mountain a cave and largely spread flat rock surface can be seen where many of the trackers used to fix their tents to spent the nights. Always it’s recommend to climb the mountain with a guide who lives in the village below this mountain and can be arranged by the hotel.

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