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Kirindi Ella


The source of this breath-taking, 116m-high fall is the Kirindi Ella (stream), which flows from its starting point 940m up the Kuttapitiya Mountain is the 7th tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The stream travels 13km before the cascading point in the Kaluwaramukalana Jungle. It then flows via the Denawaka River to the Kaluganga River, located in the Bambarakotuwa Jungle. Local villagers say that there is a picture of a tortoise etched into stone here which denotes hided treasure.At the base of the fall, the water plunges into a deep pool called Diyagathwala. It is said that a flight of stone steps leads down to the bottom, where a treasure trove is hidden. It is worth noting however, that the water completely dries up during times of drought and there have been no reports of found treasure. In the wooded area surrounding the fall, a multitude of plant species can be found, together with wildlife including wild boar, cobra, monkeys and reptiles. This area was previously known as Kustapitiya, meaning itch, as folklore has it that a king suffering from an itch had lived here. Local villagers also believe that during Halloween, human voices can be heard near the fall. Furthermore, it is said that fireballs can be seen in the skies above the fall at night.

After passing the reverse bend where the hotel is located and traveling along narrow, steeply road which lies through rich tea cultivation with full of lush for 4km the water fall can be observed.  In addition there are minor scale water falls around the location those are worth to see.

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