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Sri Sumana Saman Devalaya


Saman Devalaya, the shrine of god Saman is a citadel in Ratnapura frozen with history, surrounded by lofty mountains, hallowed with worship and prayer in simple serenity.

The Ceylon chronickles Mahavansa, Deepawansa and the Samantapasadika the vinaya commentary give descriptions of the buddhas three important holy journeys to the island made in fifth month, the fifth year and the eighth year after his enlightenment. There said to have existed Buddhist temple named Saparagrama viharaya in Ratnapura. It is believed that the same viharaya has been developed and enlarged up to present status by many kings during different eras. 

Evidence remains within the premises of the Devalaya showing that the space was once occupied by the Portuguese, who according to history ruled the area for 43 years. Ending their occupation, King Rajasinghe II (1635–1687) was able to reclaim the area, building the Devalaya, yet again, infusing the characteristic architecture of the Kandyan Kingdom.

The Thevava , the tribute to God Saman conduct everyday with plenty of worshippers and they carry pooja with many fruits and sandle wood  to offer god Sumana Saman. Drum beats unique to Sabaragamuwa are played during the Thevava.

The Thevava
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