Terrace Cinnamon View

Special honeymoon packages

Special Honeymoon rooms of Terrace cinnamon view are specially designed for newly wedded couples to enjoy breathtaking view of the Pelmadulla valley from the room bed itself. The rooms are fully open to the valley and consist of large balcony where you can entertain the scenic beauty of lush greenery paddy fields , greenery of Kiribathgala Mountain range, fresh breeze from the valley, active scenery of Pelmadulla valley including moving of vehicles and flying birds from a far way distance, sprung of mist from the valley and covering the mountainous range forming clouds with panoramic live scenery and moving rain patterns covering various parts of the mountainous range. The hotel is located in a very remote area and no any kind of disturbances such as hoking vehicles or buzzing noises of vendors will be experienced during your stay and 100% privacy is guaranteed.

Rooms are consist of large queens bed and equipped with supper comfort mattress and top quality linen material to give you a supper luxury stay in the hotel. Hotel rooms are almost equal to rooms of star class hotel in comfort and far valuable due to its unique location and the splendid scenery.

Special honeymoon packages are included food serving facility to rooms and as such you will spare your time more with your loved once. Rooms will be decorated before your arrival to give you an excitement at the first entrance. In addition, special room service is provided to address your needs.

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