Terrace Cinnamon View

The Cloud Show

Mist in forests is a natural phenomenon that occurs as a result of the complex interplay between temperature, humidity, and air movement, and can create a unique and mystical atmosphere in the environment. Mist may be more common in valleys or near bodies of water, or during times of high humidity or precipitation due to local topography or weather patterns.

Due to the dense forest in the surrounding, the topographic features of the valley, many water bodies spread across the valley generates high humidity in the valley area and henceforth create mist in the morning and spring up as thin clouds across the valley adding unforgettable memories to your stay in the hotel.

Mist spring up in the morning wrap-up clouds around the Kiribathgala mountain range and moves across the valley making various patterns adding remarkable memories to the guests. This is a very rare phenomenon that can be observed only in a location where there is a mountain in the back ground as a shield and valley is in the front. During your stay in the hotel, you may observe moving clouds forming flamboyant sceneries across the valley while sitting in your balcony a very rare phenomenon that could be seen in any hotel in Sri Lanka. The cloud show starts around 6 am and last up to 2 – 3 hrs.

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