Terrace Cinnamon View

A hotel surrounded by Forest

The Terrace Cinnamon View is a hotel surrounded by many forests around and the Sinharaja Forest the main preserved & world heritage for its rich nature is located 60 Km distance from the hotel. Passing through a picturesque terrain across Rakwana, you can reach Kadamuduna entrance of Sinharaja forest. In addition, there is a small forest area within the hotel land premises itself which is rich with water streams flowing across and rich with flora and fauna, giant trees, swamps and bushes. The forest is about 1.0 Hectares (2.5 Acres) in extent and composed of distinctive geographical features such as flat terrain as well as hills and valleys.

Both banks of the Kirindiella water steam is also consist of thick forests which can be trekked during your stay in the hotel. Paths lay in the shoulder of the water streams gives you an unforgettable memory of tropical rainforests with voices of chirping birds and tune of the flowing water streams. Though some areas of the forest were illegally cleared for tea plantations yet the remaining forest areas are worth to pass. After passing the hotel ,when you drive to the mountainous area thick forest will be found in-between Kuttapitiya village and the xxxxxx village which are virgin forests those were not polluted by human footprints. Forests within the area help to preserve the climate without changing, which secure the biodiversity and environmental of the area. Efforts are being made to protect these important ecosystems through conservation and sustainable management practices.

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