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Conference room

Conference Room

The Conference Room of the Cinnamon View Hotel is a unique of its kind among the many conference rooms available in Sri Lanka. The meeting room is open to the breathtaking view of the Pelmadulla valley and lush greenery paddy filed in the basin ,dark green tea fields on the Kiribathgala mountain range and moving clouds around the mountain range can be seen while using the Conference room. Kiribathagala Mountain, the picturesque mountain which is opposite to the Hotel is popup as a giant to shield the moving rain and cloud patterns which generate spectacular scenery to the location.

The hotel is located in very remote area and no any disturbances from the busy streets, hoking vehicles or any other noises except voices of chirping and singing birds and rustling noises of leaves. The air which brings by the wind blow across the valley is the most clean air that you can entertain in this kind of facility.  As such the conference room of Terrace Cinnamon View is located in a very ecofriendly location and give you the experience of integrating with the nature while working with your busy schedules.

The meeting room of TCV is 44’-0” ft in length and 13’-0” ft wide and can be occupied by 40 participants. A large TV has been fitted to the room which can be connected to your personal lap tops or Tablets or Ipad. It has its own sound system including microphones for the conferences. It consist of wash bath facilities in the next door and the Restaurant is adjacent. If it is an overnight stay session ,the hotel can accommodate 18 guests including 2 additional beds and rest of the participants can be accommodated in the neighboring hotels.


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