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TCV is famous for its very delicious foods from its inception. We serve the guests varities  of foods such as local foods and continental foods including various types of salads and sandwiches. In general we prepare all meat verities, sea foods, fish , fresh vegetables of all kinds and many more.  Some chineeses foods are also available on guests requests. Mainly rooms are provided on BB basis and rest of the foods can be obtained by ordering from the Alacarte menu which endorsed reasonable price structure to facilitate convenient stay in the hotel.  Before your checkin to the hotel you may communicate with the Cheff to select your verities of foods and can order as per your choice. For the entire hotel bookings prices are included room only basis and the required items can be brought and handed over to the cheff for the preparations. The remaining materials will be returned to you while you checkout from the hotel and economize your stay in the our primisis. The Kitchen of the Hotel is well equipped with modern furniture and equipment and the top in its cleanliness and one of the best Kitchens you can see in a small hotel. The menu of the hotel can be viewed through the following link.

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