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Mini reception hall

Mini Reception Hall or the Restaurant.

The restaurant of the hotel has been designed to perform as a Mini reception Hall to host any function such as a Wedding, Home Coming, Registration of a marriage Event, birthday party or any other celebrations. The hall has the seating capacity up to 80 pax, but recommended for guests up to 60 to avoid any dense situation.  Yet this is ideal to conduct a event with small gathering as it gives the feeling of fulfilment.   The scenic beuty of the Pelmadulla vally with lush greenery paddy fields and ever green Kiribathgala mountain range is a flamboyant  scenery which is opened to the restaurant.

The restaurant has the capacity to facilitate a DJ or any other musical group such as a 3 piece band to make your moment more enjoyable. The separate hall is available next to the main restaurant to facilitate any liquar servings.  The parking facility is avialble to park nearly 20 cars within two assigned car parks.

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