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Water falls

Water falls,

Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful waterfalls, which are a popular attraction for both domestic and international tourists. The country's hilly terrain and tropical climate create ideal conditions for the formation of waterfalls, which are found throughout the country, particularly in the central highlands and specially in Rathnapura district which has the highest number of waterfalls.

Kirindi Ella,

Kirindi Ella the 7th tallest water fall in the country is only 2 Km away from the hotel and the down stream of Kirindi Ella flows only 800m away from the hotel premises and accessible through picturesque and tranquil foot path which has many bio diversities.

In addition, there are four more water falls located within 3km radius of the hotel which are namely,

  1. Ballan Damana Ella
  2. Marakkala Ella
  3. Pulun Ella
  4. Puncih Ella

which are worth to see and can be covered by a day tour.

Yet, there a more picturesque water falls within the outer radius of the hotel which are more popular among tourists for the scenic beaty and unique features of those waterfalls which mesmerize visitors. Those water falls are,

Bopath Ella-

The name "Bopath Ella" has been given to the waterfall because of its shape. The water flows through a narrow gap in the rocks and then widens, forming the shape of a leaf of a "Bo"[1] tree which is the Sinhalese name for sacred fig (Ficus religiosa). "Path" means leaves of a tree and "Ella" means waterfall.

Bopath Ella is 30 metres (98 ft) high. It is formed from the Kuru Ganga, which is a tributary of the Kalu Ganga. Its mean rate of flow is 6 square metres (65 sq ft) per second, and its catchment area receives an average rainfall of 5,080 millimetres (200 in) annually. Water from the falls is used for paddy cultivation. Bopath Ella is also the most comprehensively studied waterfall in the country. Bopath Ella is a major tourist attraction in Sri Lanka, and its only 40Km away from the hotel location and only 1 ½ hrs drive.

Duhuwili Ella

Duvili Ella or Walawe Ganga East Falls is a waterfall in Ratnapura DistrictSri Lanka. It is located in Thanjantenna village, which is about 56 km away from the hotel location and nearly 2 hrs drive. The height of the waterfalls is about 40 m (130 ft). The name 'Duwili' is derived from the Sinhalese for dust, which describes the spray emanating from the waterfall.

During the same visit you have privilege to visit rock temple of Kuragala and recently built great Buddha statue in Kuragala Temple Monastery. It is located in the same area which is about 27 km away from Balangoda.




Mapalana Ella,

Situated amongst medicinal herbs, the 141 m high Mapalana Ella  fall consists of three sections and is served by a stream which originates from the Thoranabandigala in the Samanala mountain range. This stream joins Kalu Ganaga river further down. During the rainy season the simultaneous flows can be heard from up to 6km away.

The water fall can be reached by passing Pelmadulla, Ratnapura and Malwalla and its about 50 Km away from the hotel but 2 hrs drive due to narrow and steep roads.


Waterfalls in Ratnapura- Balangoda road


Dehena Ella , Katu Kithul Ella, Hal Ella, Pandioya ella, Mohini Ella, Bambarabotuwa ella ,Wewel ella, Alupola Ella, Demala Ella, Beruwatte ella are set of water falls located in Ratnapura- Balangoda road and easily accessible from the hotel location. Passing Pelmadulla town and Ratnapura city, you can reach water fall locations after 1 ½ hr. drive passing 50 Km distance. All aforementioned water falls are in the close vicinity and some of those are adjacent to the main road while some of those need to be traveled on foot.

Dehena Ella , one of the biggest among all is 73m in height and formed by the stream, known as Dehena Dola, flows from Perya Udagama on Dehena Mountain and cascades in twin chutes from the plain of Udaamunatenna. Afterwards the water flows via Pandola to the Bambarakotu Oya.

After visiting these set of falls visitors can travel back to the hotel through Balangoda which is a most picturesque roads in the country with many hills and steep slopes and rich with lush greenery plantations and many flora and fauna.

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